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Realtime Tracking

Vehicle's real-time position, address, speed, direction and violations data available within seconds.

Detailed History

Plot, animate and browse trips and events. Addresses and event points can be seen on map.

Reports and Statistics

Get reports of every trip, speed violations, leaving and entering specific locations etc. between any date interval.

Mobile & Tablet Compatible

Access information anywhere, use maps, get alerts and even call the driver's cell if something seems noticable.

Driving Quality Scoring

Driving quality score is evaluated based on all events detected by G-sensor built-in.

Anti-Theft Function

In case of a theft, tracking device warns the owner or staff in charge by SMS & e-mail immediately.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Units

Basic GPS-Tracker
Low-cost tracking unit, standard live tracking info.
Comfort GPS-Tracker
Standart tracking unit, sensitive GPS, all internal antennas and G-sensor built-in. All standard tracking info, theft alarm, driving quality monitoring are available. Battery and engine blocking are optional.
Advanced GPS-Tracker
Advanced unit for sensor telemetry applications and tracking. Wast number of sensors such as temperature, humidity, door status, G (acceleration-shock), driver ID etc. are being monitored during tracking. High capacity battery and expansion ports are available.

About Us


miTrack devices and cloud service are engineered and manufactured by Minova Technology in Rottweil Germany. Minova, is a telemetry and tracking specialist company focused on mobile position tracking, sensor data collection and cloud based value-added services. miTrack, promises best service and reliable hardware with affordable price policy.

Design & Engineering

Engineering is the key component for on-board electronics, for longer lasting and reliable products. Assisting you on almost every conditions possible.

Software Services

User friendly and continuous evolving software services with the power of cloud technology. Minova, focuses on multiplatform information services, available on desktop and mobile devices.


Vehicle installation is never been easier, still Minova offers intallation service almost everywhere in Europe. Our support technicians will be assisting for any questions, anywhere, anytime.


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